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For over thirty years, the principal’s of ARCA developed their experience in the importation, fabrication and installation of marble, granite and limestone to make a lasting contribution to a wide range of prestigious buildings locally, nationally and internationally. ARCA is committed to the highest standard in the cutting and polishing of stone at their new production facility where each project is meticulously crafted from a combination of sophisticated technology and the traditional skills of the stonemason.

Vincenzo La Cava with Harry Seidler

The ARCA Showrooms received an Architecture Australia Award, see complete article at ArchitectureAU Awards.



A History of ARCA


  • ARCA is possibly the leading quality supplier and manufacturer of marble, granite and stone products for both the commercial and residential markets.

    Major commissions have included the penthouse and executive suites of the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the refurbishment of Central Park, the interiors of Cloisters Square, Mount Newman House, the Perth Casino, and, of course, QV1 Office Tower.The factory itself is probably the most highly equipped of its kind in Australia.  Fully computerised 3 dimensional machinery for the cutting and sculpturing of stone, operated by European trained technicians, provide the most efficient production techniques, with unmatched precision.

    Arca moved into its own purpose built showrooms and factory in mid 2000.   Until that time, Arca was an integral part of the business known as Interceramics, which commenced operations in 1974.   Interceramics still trades as a retail ceramic tiles business and can be purchased along with the Arca business if required.

  • The construction of the the El Caballo Blanco Tourist Resort and Entertainment complex close to Perth In 1973 was undertaken by La Cava Building Company. A company owned at the time by Vince and Angela La Cava. There was a requirement for tiles and Vince and Angela La Cava started the Interceramics tile company.

    In 1983 as the local market was growing in acceptance of more sophisticated constructional techniques, Interceramics saw an opportunity in developing the market for stone products.  It was then that Interceramics established a separate marble and granite cutting and polishing operation alongside its ceramics operation to cater for people on a made to order basis.

    In 2000, a further significant step in the history of Interceramics was the creation of its state-of-the-art stone processing factory and showroom in Osborne Park, the most technologically advanced of its kind in Australia.  Thus ARCA was born.

  • ARCA is seen as the leading manufacturer of high quality marble, granite and stone products for both the commercial and residential markets.  The company provides a premium quality product supported by the following specialist services:

    ·   Marble and granite technology to cater for individual cutting and polishing requirements
    ·   Design and manufacture of marble and granite indoor and outdoor furniture, or special · detailed features for floors and walls
    ·   Technical advice for the construction industry through their in-house engineer
    ·   ARCA design their own fixing systems for cladding to high-rise towers
    ·   Professional interior design service from in-house designers to the residential market
    ·   Advisory service to architectural and interior design companies

    ARCA pride themselves on having the strictest quality control measures in place.  These measures begin just after the blocks have been extracted from the ground, through to delivery and installation on site.  They can guarantee that any material supplied will be of the highest quality, and delivered to site with the greatest of care.