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La Cava Building Co.

Vincenzo & Angela La Cava founded La Cava Building in 1961.


El Cabalo Blanco

The first major contract for La Cava Building Company was for the El Cabello Blanco Tourist Resort and Entertainment complex, one hour east of Perth. La Cava Building Company was responsible for the entire project. This was a huge project at the time for a young builder but it was successful completed and still stands today.

Following this, we started to see the potential for ceramic tiles as an alternative, aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing floor treatment. The tiles and the application of stone became embryo side lines which eventually became the main business as no one else was doing this at the time in Perth.

Interceramics Showroom, Leederville

Vincenzo La Cava worked closely with Harry Seidler throughout their careers.

The Interceramics Offices Showroom at 357 Oxford St., Leederville is an example of the collaborative process of their work.