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Profile: Michela Angela Schepis (Salpietro) La Cava

Born Sicily, Italy.


Left Sicily in 1958, aged 14.Travelled alone to Perth, Western Australia

Studied English at Leederville Tafe and began work for Credit Union Bank.

Met Vincenzo La Cava at a dance and married aged 18.

Set up business shortly thereafter with Vincenzo, establishing La Cava Building Company. Leader in the development and diversification of the company in building, tile and stone industry for nearly 50 years. Remained market leaders for significant time working in the residential and commercial sectors. Continues activity in the commercial property market.

Angela has always been passionately property focused having developed significant understanding of  and knowledge in both the residential and commercial real estate markets . Manages a significant property fund for her family and other clients.

Studied Building and Construction at Leederville Tafe. Qualified to within 1 unit of licence. First woman to do so in Western Australia.

Established Interceramics and Arca

Gained Real estate agency and founded Stinton Nash Pty Ltd

Gained Settlement Agency Licence and founded ACM Pty Ltd

Director of La Cava Building Company, LCV Pty Ltd, Int Pty Ltd, Noosa Nominees Pty Ltd, V Pty Ltd Oxford Nominees Pty Ltd, VM Pty Ltd, VALC Pty Ltd, Interceramics and ARCA ( which was sold in 2004)

Angela La Cava with her three daughters.

Angela La Cava with her three daughters.

Early supporter of new Italian immigrants arriving in Australia providing assistance in written English to young workers unable to speak or write the language.

Supporter and sponsor of the Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation, Macular Degeneration, the Multiple Myeloma foundation and Upside Nepal.

Even though one of the first woman of her generation to work, her main focus has always been her family – Loving mother to Josephine, Carmen and Julie.

Loving and supportive grandmother to Stella, Arrigo, Allegra and Zeno.